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About US
Madalena Beça Têxtil, Lda is a family company with more than 20 years of experience. Founded in 1998, the company went through an internal restructuring process in 2016, investing to comply with all of the requirements of our various certifications.
We are a productive sustainable vanguard family company, with technical innovation and creative excellence realized with full respect to environmental sustainability.
The heritage of the new generation of this company is one of big responsibility, persisting in strong company attitudes towards innovation, true revolution in the textile industry and building a model of circular economy.
Because we believe sustainability and quality go together, we believe fashion and ecological thinking should go together as well.

Our mission
We are driven by a shared belief in the responsible transformation of the textile industry. We understand that every purchasing decision has the power to make a difference, which is why we are dedicated to sustainability across our entire supply chain. As part of the Sustainable Fashion movement, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of garment manufacturing, while maximizing the positive influence of conscious design and production. We firmly believe that luxury cannot exist in isolation from its surrounding context. It is the harmonious blend of natural beauty, preservation of human heritage, and innovative excellence that defines true luxury.

Our vision
At Madalena Beca Knitwear e are your partners in design, fuelling your creativity with innovative solutions. As a specialized small company, we offer direct access to our technically skilled team, always eager to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. Setting ourselves apart from the competition, we forge strong partnerships to ensure a transparent and sustainable supply chain. Our vision is to be the epitome of fashion-forward knitwear manufacturing, where attention to detail is paramount.

Why Madalena Beça Knitwear:

Price Quality:
High technology, high-quality raw materials, highly qualified staff, certified suppliers, good stock management.

Flexible production lines to suit the customized needs of each client.

Client oriented culture:
Good knowledge of our customer needs; close biunivocal relationship ; client focused personal.

Good Corporate image:
Respected company in the field, of merit, complying, worthy of trust from our partners.